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The Burgundy Home

The Burgundy room has all the ambiance of a formal dining room without the burden of cooking or cleaning up. Your guests will enjoy that comfortable feeling of dining with you at your own home. Wine cellars cover three of the walls and the room houses the oldest and most expensive bottles of wine on our vast wine list. The Burgundy is perfect for parties up to 30 and parties up to 24 with a screen and projector.



The Wine Tasting Table - seating for up to 8.

Sonoma - seating for up to 20.

Oxley -seating for up to 12.

Bordeaux - seating for up to 14.

Burgundy - seating for up to 30.

Wine Cellar - seating for up to 60.

Contact our Events Planner at 918-744-4280 to discuss your options for hosting a private event.



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